On The Edge Of Wrong - 2012

20. - 26. February in Cape Town

…exploring and challenging the thresholds of the arts, of ourselves and being a mirror of our time. New in 2012:

  • “Conversations on the edge of wrong”. Each day of the festival, the audience will meet one or more artists in conversation on stage, sharing and discussing their work and ideas. There will as always be music, fine art, performance art, and more…
  • Another new addition to the festival is Norwegian fine artist Ørjan Moen who will be the host of “DIVERSE diverse On The Edge Of Wrong”. A meeting place for artistic exchange in the festival venue during daytime as well as evenings. He invites amateurs and professionals to be creative together. The venue will be used as an exhibition in progress.

The Festival is held at The Mahogany Room, a brand new venue run by and for artists. We will also appear at the beautiful Commune1 (64 Wale Street) on 21.Feb. Methodist Church Hall on cnr Milton rd and Wesly str, Observatory 24. and 25. Feb.


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Andreas Delsett (NO)

“Conversations on the edge of wrong”

Artists, musicians and the audience meet in an exploration of expressions on the edge of wrong. Each day of the festival, the audience will meet one or more artists in conversation on stage, sharing and discussing their work and ideas. Click on the “programme” link for more info.

The conversations are lead by Andreas Delsett, co-founder of the Norwegian art publishing house Feil Forlag and a staff member at the House of Literature, Oslo.



Orjan Moen (NO)

started a drawing club in collaboration with Chris André Stranden in Kristiansand, Norway, based on a wish to establish a community of amateurs and professionals being creative together rather than artists dwelling in their respective studios exclusively. This has lead to three group exhibitions under the name DIVERSE diverse, initiated by Atle Håland and Ørjan. All the drawings from the club’s monthly sessions are exhibited, covering huge spaces in the Christiandssands Kunstforening gallery, as well as presenting the works of other established and non established artists side by side. Over 150 contributers in the fields of fine art, music, literature and theatre.
Ørjan will bring parts of the “drawing wall” to The Edge Of Wrong and develop it further with local artists from Cape Town. The outcome of this North-South artistic collaboration will be brought back to Kristiansand and be included in the next DIVERSE diverse exhibition in August 2012.



Maxim Starcke & Ronan Skillen (SA)

(in association with On The Edge Of Wrong 2012) Guitarist, saxophonist, composer and artist Maxim Starcke collaborates with percussionist Ronan Skillen for a second show at THE FORGE after a successful performance and live recording in November 2011. Maxim and Ronan explore both composed pieces and improvisation incorporating elements of classical music, musique concréte, jazz, minimalism, soundscape composition and diverse, global influences. This performance, curated by Maxim Starcke, will be a rare and special live recording event presented in association with On The Edge Of Wrong 2012.

Maxim Starcke – classical guitar / electric guitar / soprano saxophone / sound design / electronics / visuals / etc
Ronan Skillen – tabla / udu / hybrid percussion kit / slide didgeridoo / cymbals / kitchi gbo / thunder sheet / etc



Explorers Summit (cross continental)

The birth of this project-based band has been in the pipelines for several years. It is a band with an evolving lineup of explorers conducted by a senior explorer. Recruting new explorers to a breathing space for the new sound is an important aspect of Expole as well as nurturing and establishing cross continental connections of explorers. The premiere concert will be lead by saxophonist Rolf Erik Nystrøm (NO) based on workshops held in advance and during the festival. If you want to be a part of Expole 2012 workshop and concert contact minothi@gmail.com. The lineup will be announced on the website edgeofwrong.com closer to the festival.

Tune Recreation Committee (SOLD OUT) (SA)

is Mandla Mlangenis brainchild, concieved during his third year at UCT College of Musics Jazz Composition study. The band consists of Keenan Ahrens (gtr) Brydon Bolton (b) Claude Cozens (dr) and Mandla (trp) with Jazz and collective improvisation in common. He claims that ”One of the driving forces in our ensemble is the endeavour to recreate, evaluate and interrogate our rich South African musical heritage and to rise up to the challenge of not merely subscribing to conventional modus operandi, instead we express ourselves in voices that define us within incessant fervor, hysteria, third world traditions and melancholic chants that add richness and vitality to the developing voice that we are.”


Andre Swartz (SA)

a drummer since 12 and has been playing a wide variety of genres from gospel, metal, jazz, pop and hip-hop. After studying at UCT College of Music he has played, recorded and/or toured nationally and internationally with Amanda Tiffin, Sara Theron, Bokani Macha Trio, Spndle Sect, 7th Son, ILLSKILLS, Jitsvinger, Jy7, Mingus, Steve Dyer, Melanie Scholtz to name a few, and the list goes on and on. Having performed on festivals such as Rammfest, Oppikoppi, Awesome Africa, Joy of Jazz and Cape Town International we are happy to have him ON THE EDGE OF WRONG. We have given him absolute freedom and challenged him to search outside his comfort zone.

Magnhild Rem Fossum & Mats Sivertsen (NO)

“The Oslo Experiment” is a piece about the human condition in our modern techno-crazed time. We meet the cyborg-avatar1 Me-Me as she is brought to life in a laboratory: there she is on the concrete floor, safely behind a glass, with all the wires still attached to her body. She looks human, she is human, at the core, but her limbs and her body are that of a machine. Because of technological limitations she has no verbal language. The only way she can communicate is through her gestures and even that is rudimentary. Her problem is that her brain knows only this body, but her soul wants to express so much more. She is trapped, with limited means and modes of being. Then, through her Internet connection she finds some sounds online, sounds she can use to express herself, and that she can mould and shape into her own. A new language develops from a fusion between body-movements, dance and music. It turns out this cyborg has a lot on her mind. She wants to meet you, to connect with you. But she’s just an infant by human standards, so be kind to her, help her – aid her in this attempt to communicate, because she has a message, for you.


Leila Anderson & Stan Wannett (sold out) (SA & NL)

Afrika Lag [deel 2]”, a perfor-mative sound work. A colonial collage of split sounds and live action animation. Landscape, harmony, laughter and paranoia. Trophies pile up for the lonesome huntress. A leopard creeps through the window. Nothing comes out of this african farm. Silent film is noisy as hell. Its a cacophony of beeps, mbira plucking, solitary masturbation, literature, jazz hats, laughing hyenas and crooning vocals. (All conform to the latest revolutionary aesthetics.) Stan Wannet is a multi-media sculptor from the Netherlands. In his work he combines engineering with poetic surrealism. His work ranges from large-scale installation art to live sound experiements and performance. Leila Anderson is a performance artist from South Africa. Leila makes live work with strong visuals and physicality. She is always looking out for collaborations at the edge of the performative, the visual and the theatrical.


James Webb (sold out) (SA)

In 2011 he made contact with the late Orson Welles (via a psychic, and later presented in my work Telephone Voice) to speak with him about a range of topics. One of the things he said to James was that he should try film. He did not elaborate. With this in mind, Telepylos is an ongoing work of sonic science fiction inspired by cinematic mythology and mythological cinema. //// James has participated in numerous international exhibitions and events including the 3rd Marrakech Biennale, the 2008 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the 2009 Melbourne International Arts Festival and the 9th Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon. He has collaborated with composers such as Halim el-Dabh, Francisco López and Brandon LaBelle, and his work has been released on the Room40 and Störung record labels. Webb is the subject of a survey exhibition at the Johannesburg Art Gallery in 2012.


Josh Ginsburg (sold out) (SA)

is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. His work involves the day-to-day collection and creation of digital fragments (still image, film, sound and text), the arrangement of these fragments in complex dynamic digital archives, and the performance of the archives in improvised audiovisual montages. Interested in the architecture of his memory, the tours are conceived as navigations through a labyrinth of thoughts: a visual articulation of a streaming consciousness. The tours are performed using both open source and custom-built software and form part of a broader project framed as Performance Cinema. On The Edge of Wrong provides an opportunity to experiment with a particular aspect of the project, namely the use of ambient audio fragments – extracted from cellphone or digital SLR video clips in the principle archive – as nodes for an audiovisual composition. The title of the performance will be provided closer to the festival.

./morFrom/. (CH)

The duo consists of Switzerland’s prominent under-ground artists. Balancing on the edge where sound turns into music. A provocative morph between impro and music concrète. A choice of archived field recordings are put up against improvised guitar, organ and electronix and together form an intriguing and humorous musical conversation. The result, varying from droney to bumpy and lightweight to gloomy, is surprising, tumbling from completely free into small arrangements and back.


Texito Langa (Moz)

An improvised set of solo drums.
Since a young age, Texito took a great interest in music. In 1984 his father enrolled him at the local music school in Maputo. Not long after this in 1989, Texito moved up the ranks and got offered a spot at the national music school. Without even one drum lesson, Texito got placed as the drummer for his new school band “Os Passaros da Musica”. Since then Texito’s music career has been more than fruitful.
He has performed on two previous Edge of Wrong festivals and blows us away every time by his spontineity, playfulness, fearless and dynamic playing. On the two occasions he performed with Ivan Mazuze and Gorm Helfjord.


Rolf Erik Nystrom (SOLD OUT) (NO)

Performing with guest Dizu Plaatjies, Errol Dyers and Asa.
Rolf Erik Nystrøm (NO) A Norwegian saxophonist (1975), performs in various constellations around the whole globe, has had over 100 works written for him by contemporary composers. He has performed as a soloist with orchestras too numerous to mention. His focus on “weird music” stems from his carelessness in what he likes to do; an immense study of both alternative techniques on his instrument and of traditional musical genres from around the world. He will perfrom a solo concert, give talks about contemporary and exploratory music as well as conduct the “eXpole” in a workshop with focus on alternative approaches to playing and perfroming music.


Tuesday 21. Feb
at Commune1 (64 Wale Street)

- Explorers´Summit workshop at College of Music 16.00 – 18.00 (no charge)

- DIVERSE diverse @ The Mahogany Room from 14.00 until 18.00 (no fee)

- James Webb (SA)

- Josh Ginsburg (SA)

- Leila Anderson (SA) & Stan Wannett (NL)

- “Conversations on the edge of wrong”

with Ørjan Moen, James Webb and Josh Ginsburg

topic: Exchange

Performance starts 20:00
Wednesday 22. Feb
at The Mahogany Room

- Ronan Skillen & Maxim Starcke (SA)

- Texito Langa (MOZ)

Performance start 19:30 sharp
Doors open 14:00 for DIVERSEdiverse (no fee)
Thursday 23. Feb
at The Mahogany Room

- Explorers Summit in concert.

The result of a workshop held by Norwegian saxophonist Rolf-Erik Nystrøm.

- Jam until late.

Performance start 19:30 sharp
Doors open 14:00 for DIVERSEdiverse (no fee)
Friday 24. Feb
at The Mahogany Room

- Andre Swartz (SA)

- ./morFrom/. (CH)

Performance start 19:30 sharp
Doors open 14:00 for DIVERSEdiverse (no fee)
Friday 24. Feb
at Theatre Arts Admin

- The Oslo Experiment

Theatre Arts Admin is on th corner of Milton rd and Wesley str in Observatory.

R50 includes refreshments
Performance start 14.00 and 19:00 sharp
Saturday 25. Feb
at The Mahogany Room

- Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (NO) concert + talk with guests Errol Dyers, Dizu Plaatjies and Asa.

- Tune Recreation Committee (SA)

- “Conversations on the edge of wrong”

With Rolf-Erik Nystrøm and Brydon Bolton
Performance start 19:30 sharp
Doors open 14:00 for DIVERSEdiverse (no fee)
Saturday 25. Feb
at Theatre Arts Admin Collective

- The Oslo Experiment

- ./morFrom/. workshop

Theatre Arts Admin is on th corner of Milton rd and Wesley str in Observatory.

R50 includes refreshments
Performance starts 14:00 and 19:00 sharp