About moiré patterns

In mathematics, physics, and art, a moiré pattern (/mwɑrˈeɪ/; French: [mwaˈʁe]) is a secondary and visually evident superimposed pattern created, for example, when two identical (usually transparent) patterns on a flat or curved surface (such as closely spaced straight lines drawn radiating from a point or taking the form of a grid) are overlaid while displaced or rotated a small amount from one another.

We think the moiré pattern is, as an emergent property that is more than the sum of its parts, a suitable metaphor for the collaborative approach Edge of Wrong takes to performance.

About Penrose tiling

A Penrose tiling is a non-periodic tiling generated by an aperiodic set of prototiles. Penrose tilings are named after mathematician and physicist Roger Penrose who investigated these sets in the 1970s. The aperiodicity of the Penrose prototiles implies that a shifted copy of a Penrose tiling will never match the original. A Penrose tiling may be constructed so as to exhibit both reflection symmetry and fivefold rotational symmetry, as in the diagram at the right.

The complex patterns that result from Penrose tilings connote a different sense of rhythm, movement and repetition.


Hunter Thompson once said that there is no honest way to explain the edge, “because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”

For some the edge is the belly of the underworld, for others it freedom to express, for others still a place of peace. It doesn't really matter what it is for whom in the end, the only thing that matters is that there is no predesigned shape or tone. Like Penrose tiling, it is open to experiment, to finding new art forms and tonalities so that the boundaries are always shifting.

Currently in its twelfth year, the EDGE OF WRONG festival has become an established production network intent on creating a sustainable environment for quality art of an exploratory nature.

A little more about EDGE OF WRONG

The EDGE OF WRONG Music Festival started in 2006 and has been running for nine years. EOW aims to create a framework for exploratory music and art that prioritises collaboration between different cultural groupings, most notably South Africans and Norwegians. We believe that the arts provide invaluable and necessary means to bridge cultural differences and expand knowledge systems, and that collaborative artistic projects bring individuals together, facilitating lasting connections between communities.

EOW embraces variety by seeking out artistic practises that are exploratory or experimental in nature. Over the last nine years we have presented work in the form of dance, storytelling, music, cooking, fine art and literature, as well as oblique activities like a performance by a world-record-holding yo-yo champion and music coordinated to live ping-pong.

Some artists featured at previous EOW events include Nicolas Collins (USA), Patric Thorman (Sweden), Josh Ginsburg, Nduduzo Makhathini & Tonny Kluften (SA & Norway), Sudden Infant (Switzerland/Germany), Lukas Ligeti (USA), Dizu Plaatjies, Kesivan Naidoo, Bjarne Kvinnsland, Glenn Cornett (USA), Jill Richards, Christophe Falley, Jonathan Crossley (SA), ASIS and Edge Of Wrong festival founder Morten Minothi Kristiansen (SA & Norway).

The festival has become a thriving hub for South African and Norwegian cultural exchange and in late 2014 expanded beyond the annual event to include a number of regular local satellite evenings.



The Edge of Wrong invites you to join us for our twelfth annual festival of experimental, uncompromising and dangerous music, happening in Johannesburg on the 26th and Cape Town on the 27th-29th of April.

Expect a variety of sonic and visual explorations of the edges from a huge range of international and local artists: drumming ensembles, thunderous noise musicians, avant-pianists, drone ensembles, ambient artisans, post-post-punks, sonic clay sculptors, algorithmic composers, fringe poets, sound theatre, dance, live painting, the melodies of knitting patterns.

In collaboration with Contour Vinyl we will also be launching our first vinyl series: 12 highly limited lathe-cut 7"s containing exclusive works by the artists performing at the festival. These 7"s, each available in a micro-run of only 10 copies, will be available for purchase at our 2017 events.



"An edge is a special kind of being-in- place; it marks the transition between something and nothing. Edges are limits, and also shape-defining margins. To be at the edge is to exist in the “in” of the “in-between,” in the instant between one time and another. An edge cuts and changes whatever it encounters. It is where movement must stop or turn in a different direction; it is where people plummet into the abyss, or learn to fly. Things end, and begin, at this place—but nothing stays at the edge forever. Edges mark the boundaries of empty space, but they also represent the transformational places where new possibilities open up again." - David Novak, Japanoise: Music at the Edge of Circulation




Johannesburg: 26 April

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Amuse Cafe, 34 5th St, Linden, Johannesburg

Doors open at 7pm, music starts at 8pm
Pay what you can - recommended contribution RR100

  • Healer Oran [SA]
  • EnsembleEnsemble [SA]
  • Datsrok [Norway]
  • MONOMORT [Norway]
  • Thomas Holme [Norway]

Cape Town: 27 April

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The Bijou, 178 Lower Main Rd

Doors open at 7pm, music starts at 8pm
Pay what you can - recommended contribution RR100

  • Jill Richards [SA]
  • Daniel W J Mackenzie [UK]
  • Coila Enderstein / Daniel Grey [SA]
  • DATSROK [Norway]
  • Darkroom Contemporary (short film)
  • Dolly Turing [UK]
  • Khoi Konnexion [SA]

Cape Town: 28 April

The Bijou, 178 Lower Main Rd

Doors open at 7pm, music starts at 8pm
Pay what you can - recommended contribution R100

  • Aragorn23 [SA]
  • RISK [SA]
  • As Is with Didi Didloff and Vasti Knoesen [SA]
  • Belinda Blignaut and Jacques van Zyl [SA]
  • Cara Stacey and Hanan Benammar [SA/Norway]

Cape Town: 29 April

The Common Room, 135 Albert Rd, Woodstock

Doors open at 7pm, music starts at 8pm
Pay what you can - recommended contribution R100

  • Justin Allart and Thomas Holme [Norway]
  • Chantelle Gray and Anastasya Eliseeva [SA]
  • Gareth Dawson and Rhea Dally [SA]
  • Jason Stapleton and Lucy Hazard [SA]
  • MORKEN [Norway]
  • DJ'ing by 3EYE, Violet Beausoleil and Kenneth Angerhand [UK/SA/UZ]


Full audio-visual archive of the past decade of Edge of Wrong SA coming soon...


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Bob Smith live set


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About Lindenmayer systems

An L-system or Lindenmayer system is a parallel rewriting system and a type of formal grammar. L-systems were introduced and developed in 1968 by Aristid Lindenmayer, a Hungarian theoretical biologist and botanist at the University of Utrecht. Lindenmayer used L-systems to describe the behaviour of plant cells and to model the growth processes of plant development. L-systems have also been used to model the morphology of a variety of organisms[1] and can be used to generate self-similar fractals such as iterated function systems.


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